Losing viginity using a condom getting

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However I do not abdicate lack of condoms for several reasons. You want her to enjoy this, not in two weeks time when she's calculated her period wrong to be scared witless. Also, if you were planning on pull out method don't! If you can avoid that, do it. I don't really recommend it at your age but here's some things to know if you do do bareback.
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5 Things You Should Know Before Losing Your Virginity

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What To Know Before Losing Your Virginity – LifeStyles Condoms

The most accurate chart basal temp and cervical mucus every day for years before they are accurate and even then the body can throw you a curve. Therefore it is impossible to say exactly when you are fertile. Women can change from month to month so fertility charts are a guess at best. Please refer back whenever you think you may be pregnant! If you are on birth control pills and at any time you need to take antibiotics, antibiotics can reduce the effectiveness of birth control pills so you need to use back up BARRIER protection, like condoms, for the entire time you are taking the antibiotics AND for at least 7 days after you finish them. Since antibiotics reduce the effectiveness of the Pill, you CAN become pregnant when taking antibiotics while on the Pill if you do not use a barrier back up method. I say barrier method because "pulling out" or removing the penis before ejaculation is NOT effective as a method of birth control and neither is it a back up method, also, I dont recommend the use of emergency contraceptives Plan b, Next Choice when you are on hormonal birth control already birth control pills, Depo-Provera, Nuva Ring, Ortho Evra are examples of hormonal birth control methods.
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Condom when losing virginity?

They think it will keep them from getting pregnant or catching sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, genital warts or Herpes. If you are one of such girls, do you know the whole story? Do you know that the claim that condom is safe and can protect you from getting pregnant or being infected with sexually transmitted diseases like HIV is FALSE?
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